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About a year ago." Oh, I'm sorry Vishi. I know you were hoping..." Twania said as they seated themselves in the room reserved for royal guests."Dreams...most often remain just that -- dreams." Not always," beamed the Princess, looking down and placing her hands on her abdomen, even though she was not yet showing."Princess, you're... ???" cried Vishi."Six weeks -- a boy." That's wonderful!!!! The future King and Queen shall have an heir." Fate has been good to us, Vishi, but back to you. You said. I liked her cunt and started eating it. “Finally” She said with relief in her voice. Her pussy smelled clean and feminine and it was totally wed. I got her pussyjuice in my mouth and thought that this was kinda how it felt when I came in her mouth, so it must have felled amazing when I came because this was all I could dream of. I pressed my tongue in her tight pussy. I heard she groaned when I did this. She started to move more. “I gonna cum” she said.She groaned so loud that I got a little. Without warning, my orgasm erupted. A jet of white sperm jetted into Shruti’s mouth, down her throat, and she began to choke. I grabbed her head with both hands, now pretty much out of control, my eyes shut tight, as I continued to fill her mouth with white jism. She swallowed reflexively, eyes wide, coughing at the taste of the bitter, hot liquid. The next thing I knew, I found myself waking up once again and the clock said 10:00am. Shruti lay on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket and nothing. The largest bedroom was huge and had its own large bathroom. There was another fireplace, smaller than the one downstairs but no less ornate. ‘Mava, there’s potential everywhere. Can’t you see what this bedroom would be like?’ ‘I can see you in this bedroom that’s for sure…I don’t think that came out as I meant it.’ I had to smile. The third bathroom was down the hall and between two bedrooms with a door to each bedroom and the hall. This house seemed to go on forever. There were two more.

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