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In Boston, I experienced a culturally diverse world where Black Unity was the rule rather than the exception. In Canada, Black Unity is a dream rather...than a reality. In Ottawa, I find myself at odds with my fellow Blacks. I was born in the city of Cap-Haitien in Northern Haiti in 1987. My family and I moved to Boston, Massachusetts, a little more than a decade ago. Since then, I became a United States Citizen and I even started college back home. I attended Roxbury Community College in the. I am delightfully surprised at what a sweet and loving date Angie is tonight and I can feel my heart beating a little quicker. She is easily the most beautiful and comely girl I have ever dated. With our most intimate dance over, she asks me to take her home. Her father is a prominent architect in town, and set up an apartment for her and a girlfriend close to the campus. Back at the table, she makes a call, so once again I am left wondering about half of a conversation, ‘Hi Becky dear! … Yes. "Having trouble with the anticipation of it all, are you girl?" Y..yes Sir" I answer, trying my very best not to look You in the eyes.You release my chin and shift Your hand around to the back of my neck, spreading Your fingers and sliding up into my hair, getting a firm grip as you pull backwards."Well then, let’s see if we can turn that anticipation into a reality, shall we?" You release me and points to the table, saying "lean over and hold the legs."I take a couple breaths to steady myself. She can take care of herself!" So that's it? We'd... Emily would... leave Patsy?" Actually, maybe not. Emmy wanted to show me a house she's found, and she wanted to talk about maybe Patsy's living there, too -- at least while she's still a student. Patsy would pay a little rent, maybe, but she'd mostly get a rent break in exchange for helping to keep an eye on you." We could save money," I told Dave. "Emily could get a smaller house, with fewer bedrooms, and me and Patsy could sleep together!".

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