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I leaned back to gaze into his eyes that had gone black with lust. His hand, once again, briefly tightened around my throat and then moved to the back...of my head. He curled his fingers through my hair and paused, almost gently, before he jerked my head back and leaned forward to whisper, "On your knees."Anxious to please him and to relieve the pressure of the building excitement, I quickly dropped to my knees and began hurriedly pulling his pants down. I love this part, and the smell of him. Why is it that women all think that being pregnant makes them ugly? I can't imagine a time when I thought that my wives were more beautiful than when they were in the last trimester of their pregnancies. Yet that is the time when they are all certain that they've become most unlovely.The worst thing about that is that they won't hear me at all. Indeed they seem to be sure that I'm lying even when I make love to them for hours at a time. Something that I do as often as Holly is in the mood for.. The Officers showers were located opposite my quarters and and unlike the main showers I had used provided lukewarm water. The small room only consisted of two shower cubicles and a changing bench, but the captain threw her jacket at me and stepped inside the shower.Apart from washing the backs of her body and helping her shave, there was little for me to do but to admire her showering, and when she turned the tap to stop the water from cascading onto her, I held out the big bath sheet and she. She's a bit groggy but noticesthe door is still latched. It might be nearly time forthe candle to cut the string. She begins to wonderif the candle has gone out. The sun has gone down andthe box is now much cooler. Her urine soaked stockingsand puddle on the floor now feel cold and damp. Amyshivers a bit.After her little nap she's not turned on any more andwithout the sexual feelings her bondage just feelsuncomfortable and yucky. She shuffles around a bitbut the alarm doesn't go off. She.

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